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this is just a fun blog about what happens when we put pll and ichats together

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homoaholic asked:
so excited you're back! more ali, emily, and paige please!

Thanks! You got it! :)

I'm so very happy you are back! I had to scroll and laugh before asking you if you are still taking requests!? Because if you are, can you do some iChat's with paige??

Thanks for the welcome sweetie!

Have you seen this post?

I’d love to!

also! Thanks so much to all the followers for sticking around! You guys are so loyal! We’re almost at 3000! How the heckity do da did that happen?


Okay! So it looks like this blog is going to undergo some major changes!

I am now the sole owner of this blog. (Tina, owner of prettylittleedits) That’s cool for now!

I recently got photoshop again, and I’m so excited to make more hilarious or just plain weird gifs for you all!

I’m going to catch up on the most recent season of PLL, and I’ll be making ichat gifs along the way. As of right now, I am taking requests!

Check out this blog for ichats, and and tell me which one’s you’d like to see, or feel free to request gifs of certain characters :)

I might start searching for a new theme for this blog, but let it be known, y’all: