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this is just a fun blog about what happens when we put pll and ichats together

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main gif credit

Anonymous asked:
can i use your gifs as sidebar gifs/answers to questions? :)x

Yes, of course! I’d love it if you did!


(P.S. I thought this was in the faq, but since it’s not I’ll say it now. You can [and should!] use our gifs for sidebars, responses, roleplays, etc. as long as you don’t repost them and claim them as your own. When your using them you don’t need to credit them, although that’d be nice, as long as you don’t say they’re your own)

Anonymous asked:
Wren with the potted plant "Summon tour father." Please?

Okay, if I’m reading this right, you’re asking for an iChat that says that?


We do not make our own custom iChat bubbles.

We get all of them from here.

Therefore, we ask that when you request specific ichats, you include links or actual pictures of the ichat.


what does your icon say?

'He's the cutest!'

It’s from the third gif here :)



follow back please? I am a PLL lover too

This is a sub-blog, sorry.

Anonymous asked:
how do you make the ichats?

This TVD iChat blog has a really great tutorial!

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